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The Indonesia Tea Institute is the leading institution in Indonesia for tea education. Since 2019, Indonesia Tea Institute has offered online and on-site tea courses to hundreds of individuals and companies.

Our mission at the Indonesia Tea Institute is to provide outstanding professional education to tea professionals, tea enthusiasts, and F&B professionals. Promoting Indonesian tea and enhancing the tea industry's prosperity is our top priority.

Join our tea courses. Be a part of our growing tea community.

From Our Founder

Hi, my name is Ratna Somantri, the founder of Indonesia Tea Institute. For more than 15 years, I have been teaching and promoting Indonesian tea. My belief is that Indonesia has good quality tea that needs to be promoted more widely. I want to build a community of tea enthusiasts and local tea brands in Indonesia through Indonesia Tea Institute.

I would like to thank all Indonesia Tea Institute alumni for joining our courses and building this tea community together. By building a strong community, we can support Indonesia's tea industry growth. Bersama kita bisa. It would be my pleasure to invite all those who have an interest in tea to join our courses and become a member of our community.

Tea Class

Professional Tea Class

We are committed to promoting Indonesian tea and enhancing the prosperity of the tea industry.

Tea Books

Sharing Tea Knowledge

Ratna Somantri has written five books on tea and has taught hundreds of people in Indonesia how to appreciate tea.

Our Mission

Provide Outstanding Professional Education

The mission of the Indonesia Tea Institute is to provide outstanding professional education for tea professionals, tea enthusiasts and also F&B professionals in Indonesia.


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